The Project

Story About Us

AIF Project

AIF Academy represents a new reality in the world of youth football.

An ambitious project, born out of the will and passion of believing that the world of football as well as of sport in general, must increasingly be strengthened and rooted in the values ​​of tradition and “beautiful football”.

And where to start if not young people, who always need real models to inspire, to refer to, to be trained and trained with skill and attention.

All this comes to fruition with our academy, who wants to provide the youngest with their own bag of experience, in order to ensure that the future that is built day by day is of high quality.

Our strength comes from those who have lived and grown in football, comes from who has made the history of football with honor; Our style, our football tradition, recognized all over the world, is the solid foundation from which the foundations of our project go, looking far beyond national borders to enrich and enrich all those who are fascinated by this fascinating experience world.


The strength of the project is given by the passion and experience of the people who wanted it, Ciro Muro, Ugo Napolitano and Ciro Mascolo who have always lived and breathed the world of sport and football in particular and whose skills and competences guarantee A very high level of the project.

Ugo Napolitano, twenty years of presence in national championships, Maradona’s teammate in Naples in 1984. Ciro Muro begins his career in Naples and will be among the major series for 20 years, until becoming a technical director in many youth organizations.

Our Goals


The Educational Goals concern the education of children not only from a technical point of view, but also from the point of view of character and psychology. Compliance with rules, relationships with comrades, opponents, instructors, and in general with all the figures that interact with them in the context of sports. We constantly engage in the analysis of the different characters of the boys and we propose workouts that always pass through the playful aspect, that of fun and the involvement of all. The educational goals we propose do not run out, however, to the sole component of the athletes, but also include the parents and all the technical and managerial figures of the companies.


The Technical Objectives relate to the purely “football” sphere and materialize in the improvement and development of motor skills, in learning and in constant development of individual technique and collective tactics. This is always taking into account the different peculiarities of the boys regarding the different phases of growth.


With the Organizational Goals we intend to come up with the definition of an organizational structure more and more professional and appropriate to the needs of the members and the desires of the families, also using the collaboration of practitioners working in the field of psychology, medicine (basic and specialist), communication And training. The participation of technicians and executives is foreseen for training and internships. Subscribing to affiliate agreements with professional companies will allow the synergy development of high quality standards of our training offer, which not only includes the purely technical part but also provides for cultural exchanges, moments of comparison with other companies operating in the national territory Youth Sector, etc.

The Project

AIF Affiliation

Football clubs are part of our family and together they start a fruitful, intense and rewarding period of work. The first step is to analyze the starting situation of the Club, then identify and define the goals, to come up with a program of didactics, organization and development, trainer training and definition of a PROGRAM-EVENT We will propose a customized annual solution, meetings with managers, training sessions, and definition of teaching proposals.